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  2. Anxiety: Triggers, Varieties
Anxiety: Triggers, Varieties

Anxiety: Triggers, Varieties

  • 27 November 2021
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Anxiety: Triggers, Varieties

Normal anxiety is a biological protection system of the organism, and when a potential danger is detected, it occurs and allows the organism to survive by avoiding the dangerous situation. Without an objective status by sensing like anxiety and exaggerated hazard of negative effects on the quality of daily life a person’s subjective expectation, feeling of dread, anxiety, or a sense of approaching disaster is characterized by “abnormal from anxiety are mentioned. Abnormal anxiety is a pathological phenomenon and necessarily requires psychological and / or pharmacological treatment (Gray, 1985). Anxiety is a biological stimulant that pushes the person to take action to do what is necessary in the face of a possible threat. This threat may arise from a loss from time to time, and from time to time from spiritual internal conflicts. Conflict may be between internal impulses and internal or external obstacles (Güz & Dilbaz, 2003People may feel anxiety, fear and panic ahead of important events in life. When it’s over, those feelings end. However, if the person feels these feelings enough to lose their functionality after the event has passed, he or she has anxiety problems. Normal anxiety has the ability to alert the person to dangers, to protect and to act. In cases of extreme anxiety, it is possible to talk about an anxiety disorder. The relationship between anxiety disorders and anxiety disorders, the severity of the condition or event that causes anxiety is not proportional to the intensity of the fear that arises it. It is difficult to distinguish between pathological anxiety and normal anxiety, which helps sleep, provides self-protection and safety (Karakaya & Öztop, 2013). If the anxiety that we all experience in our daily lives gives us the power to cope with the difficulty that we face, then it can be treated as a pathological problem if it goes beyond the normal and disrupts the functioning of the person. Normal anxiety has some advantages, we can say, but abnormal anxiety must be dealt with with the help of an expert..

Anything can be an anxiety trigger. Even when things are going well, I’m like, ” What if everything horrible now?” you can start thinking like. But some situations can cause anxiety too

much. Some of the situations that strongly trigger anxiety are: Uncertainty, new and unorthodoxness, unpredictability. So people can be anxious in situations such as when they’re doing something new without any experience, when they can’t predict what’s going to happen. To give an example today, a lot of people are experiencing anxiety because of COVID-19 and this is very natural. Because a situation of uncertainty in the future about what happens of the virus, we do not have any information on how to proceed. COVID-19 disease does not just threaten physical health. It is common for people to show anxiety, fear and stress reactions in the face of all kinds of threats to their body integrity in the face of the fact that the outbreak has not yet been brought under control and that a vaccine has not been developed to prevent the disease. (Carvalho et al., 2020). In people infected with SARS-CoV-2, Fear of death, health anxiety, and the feeling of exclusion that stigma may cause affects an individual’s mental health. In case of being COVID-19, being separated from relatives during the social isolation process of people and not being able to perform many activities in normal times in this process lead to anxiety and many mental problems associated with anxiety (Baltacı & Coşar, 2020). So uncertainty, fear of death and separation is one of the most common triggers right now.

As we know, there are different anxiety-inducing events and situations. Which of these affects a person at what level is completely variable. Many people have situations that can cause normal or extreme levels of anxiety, such as staying in the dark, breaking up, losing someone, speaking in public. Anxiety levels can increase when people are confronted with such situations. If these levels of anxiety cannot be controlled and increase in severity, resulting in impaired functioning, various anxiety disorders may occur.


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